Mattias Bexelius

Since 2007, Mattias Bexelius has acted for clients in the fields of dispute resolution and commercial law at various leading law firms.

He appears before courts of law and also in Swedish and international arbitration proceedings. Mattias has acted for clients in banking and finance, construction and real estate, transport, education, convenience goods, IT, media and venture capital. He also has extensive experience of assisting clients in business transactions and divestments.

Mattias has considerable experience of representing companies operating in regulated markets. Here, specialist knowledge is needed, both of the client’s commercial interests and of the realities of operating in public sector environments that are often coloured by political considerations.

Mattias teaches and lectures in procedural law and arbitration, commercial and administrative law, and constitutional law.

Mattias graduated in law from Lund University in 2005 and served at Södra Roslagen District Court from 2005 to 2007.


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