What Bex stands for

Mattias and Karim have experience of advising clients of various kinds on a broad range of issues. Our advice is tailored to your needs as a client.

Bex does not compromise in taking the necessary steps to assure you achieve your objective.

You are welcome to contact us for more information.


Mattias and Karim honed their skills at two of Sweden’s leading dispute resolution specialists. We are able to deal with complex disputes before courts of general jurisdiction or referred to arbitration.

Our experience guarantees that you the client will receive senior attention and quality solutions to the problems involved in your specific dispute.

Public and administrative law

If your enterprise operates in a regulated market, Bex is a perfect partner in all dealings with public agencies and political decision makers.

Resolving a public law dispute by recourse to law requires specialist knowledge of the specific market and the relevant legal and regulatory framework. Also needed is an understanding of both strategy and policy in order to decide the position a party should adopt to achieve success. Thanks to the firm’s dispute resolution expertise, Bex is also uniquely equipped to pursue your case before the courts where necessary.


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